Recommended Internationally Qualified Surgeon / Consultant for your treatment in India.
Personal Care and increased attention by treating Surgeon / Consultant.
Low Cost - a fraction of the cost of UK/USA private surgery.
Personalized Professional Care right from Airport Pick up, fast track admission in the hospital and assistance services.
24 hrs assistance and frequent meetings with dedicated Patient Care Manager.
Escorted Shopping and City Tours.
Recommended Internationally Qualified Surgeon / Consultant who understands the communication needs of international patients and conducts likewise.
Local area, medical services, local cost and host of other local knowledge translated into better and more cost effective service for the international patient.
Personalized attention at all times
Single point of contact for all your needs.

Follow Up Care After Treatment

We will continue to be available to support you even after you return home. There is a possibility that your doctor in India may require you to periodically do certain tests and provide us with your feedback so that we can opine on the further course of medication. We will continue to serve as your channel of communication with your doctor in India to ensure that you receive complete and timely responses. This service, including telephonic consultations with your doctor if there is a need, comes to you completely free of any cost.

How Does Process Work

Send us your enquiry form along with the medical reports/images
Receive our first response within 24 hours
Send your clarifications or additional medical inputs, if any are needed from you
Receive our detailed medical opinion, full details of the treatment plan, cost estimate, duration of hospital stay, duration of recuperation stay after discharge from hospital, accommodation options and visa procedures.
Evaluate our response and ask for clarifications if any are needed
Receive our clarifications and ask to speak to our doctor if necessary
Provide us with passport details of yourself and your companion so that we can assist with a Visa Request Letter addressed to the Indian embassy in your country
Receive visa, schedule your visit to India in consultation with us and book your flight tickets
Advise us your flight details and accommodation preferences.
Arrival in India for treatment, be received at the destination airport and proceeds to the hospital/hotel that has been booked for you
Receive a briefing from the hospital representative and commence investigations/treatment
Your family/doctor back home can be updated regularly about your medical progress, if you would like this to be done
Complete your treatment and check into a hotel for recuperation, if this is required
Return home or continue in India to enjoy a brief holiday before you go back home
After you return, you will continue to have us available at all times to support you with any further assistance/advice that you may need from your treating doctor in India