Customized laser correction is an advance laser treatment for removal of spectacle numbers.
Also known as Contoura vision correction, corrects irregularities in the cornea in addition to correcting glass numbers. This results in better quality of vision and sharp and crisp vision.
It is a US FDA approved procedure. It corrects the power of glasses by treating at the visual axis thereby providing the sharpest possible vision.
Like LASIK it is a painless stitchless procedure without the need of any injection, bandage or hospitalization.
It improves the smoothness of the corneal surface using a special equipment called the topolyser which marks the corneal irregularities thereby enhancing the sharpness of vision and making the cornea an optically perfect surface.

Advantages of Customized Treatment

1) It gives better contrast sensitivity

2) There is Reduced induction of higher order aberrations (HOA)

3) There is greater clarity of vision. Such treatments are specially designed for each individual and tailor made for the particular eye providing fine tuned and prefect outcomes.