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Eye Care Tips For Children

Watching TV will not harm your eyes or vision if the TV room is lit properly & if you follow a few viewing tips. But watching for long stretches of time can leave your eyes fatigued

Eye Care For Computer Users

Few Tips

  • Normally lit room
  • Avoid viewing in a dark room.
  • Adopt the set's brightness & contrast to room lighting
  • Keep proper distance- It is best to watch TV from a distance of at least five times the width of the picture.
  • Have the set at approximately eye level. Avoid having to look up or down at the picture.
  • Avoid staring at the screen for lengthy periods. briefly look away from the picture around the room or out the window
  • Wear lenses prescribed for vision correction if advised to do so by your eye care practitioner.

Consult your eye care practitioner if
  • Your child persists in watching TV from a short distance
  • You get watering while watching TV.
Squint In Children

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