Painless Cataract Surgery Brochure

What is Cataract?

Cataract is the Clouding of naturally clear lens in our eye.

Causes of Cataract:

  • Senile (age related)
  • Eye injury
  • Exposure to Radiations
  • Congenital (by birth)
  • Over use of certain drugs
  • Due to certain infection to mother in first triamister during Pregnancy
  • Post certain types of eye surgeries
  • Systemic illness such as Diabetes

Signs and Symptoms of Cataract :

  • Blurring of vision (feels like looking through cloudy window)
  • Haloes around light
  • Frequent change in glass powers
  • Glares
  • Faded colour shades
  • reduced contrast sensitivity

Types of Cataract :

  • Nuclear Cataract: this type affects the centre of the lens
  • Cortical cataract: It occurs on the edges of the Lens
  • Posterior Subcapsular Cataract: This affects back side of the lens
  • Congenital Cataracts: Child born with Cataract or Cataract develops within first year of baby's age
  • Traumatic Cataract: Cloudy lens due to eye Injury
  • Secondary Cataract: Occurs due to other primary conditions such as glaucoma, multiple eye surgeries, diabetes, excessive use of steroids etc
  • Radiation Cataract: Occurs due to long term exposure to radiations

Risk factors of Cataract :

  • Age
  • Smoking/ Alcohol
  • Obesity
  • Previous eye Injuries
  • Prolonged Exposure to Radiation
  • Diabetes
  • Excessive use of Steroids

Diagnosis / Signs of Cataract :

Cataracts are usually diagnosed in routine eye examination by Ophthalmologist During eye examinations, optometrists check vision with various eye charts at different distances and put dilating eye drops to enlarge pupil size so as to check entire eye, the retina, the optic nerve for any damage

Treatment of Cataract :

  • Surgery :
    surgery is an ideal recommendation for cataract. It is advised when cataract prevents you from doing day to day activities like reading, driving, moving around in dim light etc It can also be done along when cataract interfere with treatment of other eye problems however, when patient is not willing for surgery ophthal would manage your symptoms with full power glasses, magnifying lens, glass with certain coating etc which might help up to a certain extent

  • Outlook of Cataract:
    • Cataract can interfere with your daily activities and can lead to blindness if untreated
    • Cataract will not get cured on its own
    • Surgical removal of cataract is the best option for better quality of vision

How to Prevent cataract :

Ideally Cataract is an age-related process which cannot be prevented. we can monitor process with regular eye examinations, healthy diet, by keeping Diabetes under control, stop smoking and alcohol intake

Surgical Options for Cataract :

We at SRN, having a cataract clinic and well-trained team of ophthalmologists, optometrists, and all other staff; provides utmost safety, precision, and optimum results with latest technology instruments.

Verion by Alcon


IOL Master 700 By Zeiss, Germany

Minimal invasion and painless procedure just with help of eye drops and suture less surgery

Early visual rehabilitation with immediate visual recovery and same day discharge after the surgery

Increased safety with laminar airflow system. Joint OT with antifungal and anti-bacterial coating increased accuracy with latest IOL calculation technology for maximum precision

IOL Master 700 provides utmost precision in refractive outcomes. Provides advanced measurements in challenging eyes like mature cataract, Post LASIK eyes etc

Verion an advanced instrument for an image guided cataract surgery especially in Toric power and high cylindrical calculations and treatment.

The new CENTURION vision system an intelligent phaco technology that optimizes every moment of cataract surgery to improve patient outcome.

Shree Ramkrishna Netralaya also provides with New generation superior cataract treatment with LENSAR that allows more precise procedure which is customized to your eye by providing 3 D view of you eye for accurate planning and treatment for cataract a bladeless process where ophthal precisely places laser which softens cataract for easy removal reduces the time to remove cataract and makes sure IOL is perfectly placed in eye without generating heat thus with no or minimal rise in IOP

Advanced Cataract Surgical Technology at
Shree Ramkrishna Netralaya

Every Eye Is Unique So Should Be Its Cataract Surgery

Phaco surgery redefined with the most advanced INFINITI® Phaco, a truly customized cataract surgical experience
• Increased Safety
Reduced heat production in the eye.
Unique fluid management system avoids cross contamination & safeguards against infection. Minimal or no damage to ocular tissues due to reduced fluid flow & turbulence.

• Early Visual Rehabilitation
Reading & TV viewing - immediate to post operation.
Resume work from the next day.

• Enhanced Efficiency
Torsional (lateral) ensures safer & faster cataract removal even for the hardest (brown & black) cataracts, than conventional (longitudinal) phaco surgery.

Micro-coaxial cataract surgery (Phaco 2.2mm surgery)
Moving forward with Intrepid micro-coaxial system.

• INFINITI® with OZil®
Make the best choice for your cataract surgery by availing the Infiniti® Vision System & OZil® technology from Alcon® USA (patented), the latest in the world for cataract extraction with AcrySof® platform lenses.

The Technology Used

The most modern technology of Cataract Surgery is called phacoemulsification or phaco. In this technique a small ultrasonic probe is inserted into the eye. This probe breaks (emulsifies) the cloudy lens into tiny pieces & gently sucks them out. Thus the natural cataractous lens is replaced with a clear man made one. The newly inserted lens opens up like a flower when inside. NO stitches are used & the incision is self sealing. Phaco requires a small incision of only 2.2 millimeteres or less.

Giving you the Right power of the lens

The Power of the artficial lens to be implanted in the eye differs from person to person. For calculating IOL (intra-ocular lens) power, We use IOL Master 700, which gives most accurate results.
The ZEISS IOLMaster® 700 is the gold standard in optical biometry with more than 100 million successful IOL power calculations to date.
Improving refractive outcomes
Any intraocular lens calculation is only as reliable as the lens constant it is based on
Advanced measurement of challenging eyes
The true test of a biometer is its performance with challenging eyes. In denser cataracts the ZEISS IOLMaster 700 achieves a measurement success ratio that is up to 95% higher than that of other optical biometry devices.